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Group wants new Hmong Community Center dream to become reality

The building is located on Kern and E streets in downtown Fresno. An ambitious plan is underway in the central valley. It’s a plan that was hatched through a dream, with a visit from a ghost of the past. Nhia Yeu Cha recalls the details of it, like it was yesterday. “It all came back […]

Is a Hmong-helmed horror movie ready to make a killing? St. Paul investors hope so

Quick: Name a Hmong movie. You probably can’t, right? Although more than a quarter of a million Hmong live in this country (St. Paul has the largest Hmong population, per capita, in the U.S.), they are not well-represented in popular culture. A group of local investors, led by producer Fuabkuab Yang, would like to change […]

Community mourns the loss of Bartlett sophomore – Mlooglug Chervang

Community mourns the loss of Bartlett sophomore By John Thompson 10:59 PM July 24, 2017 Tragedy struck the Hmong and Bartlett High School community last week, as 16-year-old Mlooglug Chervang succumbed to injuries related to a swimming accident.   The sophomore at Bartlett was a member of the football team and very involved in his […]

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