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Xov Tooj Cua Hmoob Tig Kho Hmoob
We are glad to introduce our conference call to all the Hmong people around the world to come and listen. Our conference call is a place where everyone can call and listen, learn, teach and socialize with each others. If everyone is serious about supporting our community, they are more than welcome to. We can all participate and help one another from learning each others mistake we made in the past, and or present time. Everyone can help make a difference, and in time; we can make a change for our Hmong community to have a better brighter future. It’s our pleasure to have you join into our conference call. Our conference call is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Conference line @(425)440-5679.Zoo siab txais tos nej txhua tus tuaj rau hauv peb lub xov tooj cua hmoob tig kho hmoob lub webpage. Peb zoo siab qhia rau peb cov hmoob nyob thoob plaws hauv lub qab ntuj no kom paub txog peb hmoob lub free conference uas nej hu tuaj no. Peb Lub conference no yog ib qhov chaw uas peb cov hmoob thoob
Maiv Hawj & Sw Yaj Zaj Keeb Kwm - 09/16/2021
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Published at 2021, September 17
Author: Txawj Zoo Vwj
Genre: entertainment
Conference Call:
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